LPos-Core: the basis of your modular LPos system

LPos-Core is the basis of our modular LPos system and is always required. With this module you can easily integrate all other modules into your business. The LPos-Core contains the most important functions required by buyers and sellers, regardless of the sales channel.

1) Management of Inventory, Products and Prices

With LPos-Core you manage and manage your stock and music collection in a simple way. Easily add products including LPs, CDs, memorabilia, T-shirts and turntables. Easily change prices and stock when there are changes. The main parts are:

• Stock management (minimum stock, free stock, reserved stock)
• Advanced search filters
• Prices (buying and selling)
• Product information (artist, title, release date, associated genres and vendors, images, weight, etc.)
• Login/Users (accounts for employees and customers)
• Basic statistics/information about the value of the inventory
• (Sub)categories to categorize products (genres, labels, carriers)
• Integration with 'Gfk/Megacharts' (sending sales data to the Mega Top 50)
• Notepads (bulk tools)
• SSL connection (https: with padlock), backups, server usage

2) Purchasing Management

The ordering process (Purchase/Ordering process) is included in the LPos-Core and includes:

• Order list (what has been ordered, what is on backorder, what are you going to order)
• Purchasing information (see real-time where products are currently available (or cheapest, best delivery time) and order with 1 push of a button)
• Suppliers (Wholesalers) with contact details (order address) and any links to plug-ins
• Improved packing lists (register delivered products)
• Order from suppliers (via e-mail (included) or via optional plug-ins)
• API (for example to shoot in sales from an external system)
• Order history
• Re-order overview (order advice list where minimum stock is higher than free stock)
• CO (Customer Orders) system (in combination with cash register module and/or web shop module).

As a record store owner, our LPos-Core system makes it easy and efficient to streamline your business and manage your inventory and orders. Feel free to contact us for more information.