Why LPos

More and more music lovers seem to have a need for a tangible record and CD collection again, just as before streaming services became popular. In addition to the sale of new releases, there is an increasing demand for special collectables, which has also created an increasing need for second-hand records and CDs.

In order to respond to this demand, you must also be able to serve the modern consumer well with a suitable range, both in the store and in the online webshop. It is therefore a great challenge to have good and up-to-date information available for the consumer, but also for the store employee to support the customer well in this.

How do you ensure that all your information (product and price information, checkout, webshop, purchasing, stock, sales, etc.) is processed properly and easily? And keep it up to date? This is where Lpos offers the solution, with an integrated total solution that provides the support that a record store needs today!

In addition, LPos offers automated integrations with major vendors such as Bertus, Phononet and Discogs. This provides quick insight into price and product information, so that you are quickly able to purchase your range smarter, you have fewer actions, and you reduce costs. At the same time, you can immediately resell these items online in real time (via Webshop & Bol.com integration), with which you can increase your turnover.