'the ultimate recordkeeper'

What is LPos?

Welcome to LPos, the number 1 software solution for and by record store retailers! Whether you run a small, cozy record shop or a large record store, our software started as a point-of-sale system for record stores but has now grown with our partners into an (almost) all-encompassing system for sales, purchasing, and inventory management - no matter what products you sell!

With LPos, you can sell all your items through your physical record store, your online shop, or even integrated through Bol.com. It doesn't matter where your customers are because LPos is always available anywhere and everywhere! LPos runs "in the cloud" and is a so-called SaaS software solution. From any device with an internet connection (such as a PC at your sales counter), you can manage all the essential aspects of your store with LPos. Whether you are in your store or at a temporary location - an iPad with 4G internet is sufficient!

In addition to selling better, you can also buy smarter! Use the integrated purchasing modules from Bertus, Phononet, and Strengholt, or simply purchase through email or phone. LPos also makes inventory management easy and fast. This way, you'll have more time for the most important thing: your passion for music.

Focus entirely on your customers and business operations. Because you don't need to download, install, or maintain anything yourself. LPos is always available anywhere and is automatically kept up-to-date.

Choose LPos and discover the benefits of our number 1 software solution for and by record store retailers. Improve your business performance, increase customer satisfaction, and get more time for your passion!

Modular Concept

LPos is the ultimate modular software system for record store retailers. At LPos, we believe in providing tailor-made solutions to suit the needs of our clients, big or small. With our modular approach you choose the modules you need, without paying for features you don't use.

Whether you have a physical store, sell on Bol.com, run a webshop, or have a combination of these options, LPos has everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. With our Cash Register module you can keep track of your sales and stocks in the store, while with our Bol.com module and webshop module you can easily manage and process online sales. And if you only have a webshop, our POS module is not necessary.

Moreover, our pricing is 'fair & honest', so you only pay for the modules you need. This makes LPos the perfect solution for small retailers with a modest turnover. We don't want you to pay for features you don't use and we don't want our software to be too big or cumbersome for your business.

The LPos-Core module forms the basis for all other modules and can easily be expanded with the modules you need, such as the Bertus module, Phononet module, Discogs module, MDBi module and more.< /p> Choose LPos and get the most out of your record store. Save money and time by only paying for the features you need. Try LPos today and discover why we are the number one choice for record store retailers.